Forms forms forms


Well the form is complete and the appointment booked for Wednesday. Now I hope it all goes well.

Dual citizenship here I come!

Waitangi Day Crawl

As usual there were very few pubs visited during the pub crawl.

In traditional fashion all the praise must be given to the London Metropolitan Police and their approach to the day.

Sure they could have charged a number of us for street drinking but I don’t believe anyone was charged although at this stage it is only 6pm.




Snow but never enough

Despite a small splattering of snow it was not enough to lockdown London. Disappointing as it meant that I had to my drag dearly devoted self to school. A five period day did not allow for any respite.


It is a wonder at times how we teachers get up each day and venture into the classroom. I seem to spend a disproportionate amount of my time teaching basic manners and common courtesy which is extremely important but prevents my a providing passionate presence and pedagogically perfect planned lessons or learning experiences or whatever the latest buzzword is.

At least evening netball relieved some of the stress despite a loss.

The joy of Ribs

Monday’s are rib days. The joy of a massive £10 rack of ribs and quality meantime beers down the road cannot be passed up.

I have donated / invested so much into One Sixty I’m afraid to do the sums. Drawing numerous others to their delights has been amazing.